Blogging about Blogging

So on Wednesday of this coming week I'll have had this blog open for a month. I find it interesting that about two weeks after I start articles all over pop up about garden blogging. Is it something that is catching on? Or is it publicity brought on by the talented folks who have paved the garden blogging way. The first article I noticed was Doug Green's article in the American Horticultural Society's magazine "The American Gardener." It was a very good article about how to start blogging and about some interesting people who blog. This morning in the USA Weekend section of our newspaper another blurb about garden blogging appeared. Each blog site seems to have its own niche. Subjects range from the personal to the informative or even to the political. To most people who are reading this now this probably isn't news. You probably have your own blog!

Now where do I fit in?
The demographics of those who garden blog does not seem as varied as the subjects. Younger garden bloggers are in the minority and there are very few men who garden blog. I'm a little out of place I guess, but why not be different? A thirty something gardener guy writing about his experiences...why not? There are worse ideas out there! The subject of age in garden blogging popped up in a post at Cold Climate Gardening the other day. It's an interesting read about older gardeners not blogging and it left me thinking about the blogging community demographics.

So why am I blogging about gardening?
Its been a subject that I've had an interest in for a long time and sadly I find that most people around me don't have the interest that I do in gardening or plants. For several years I was only able to garden in other peoples yards or on my back porch in pots. Now I have the space to do it. So why not write about it? I have the opportunity to talk about whatever I want, whenever I want. I can share my ideas or the work I've done with others who may appreciate it.

So what have I learned?
There's lots to see out there, lots to do, and a lot more to learn. It's also addictive! It's fun to share your accomplishments, your plans, and your experiences. It can even be a good way to record information for yourself.

Garden blogging, why not try it? Your comments are always welcome, so tell me what you think!